Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something really awful happened to you in the morning- it’s never fun to have a bad day, right? Yes, even I agree that is very normal to have bad days as human beings but nobody wants to have a bad day.

Well, you might already know that- it is quite impossible to solve all the problems we have in a matter of seconds but there are some small things you could do to turn your bad day into a better one. In fact, the key to changing a bad day into a better one is your mind. Keep that in mind and try following the below tips;

Here are some things you can do to help your bad day a little better;

Step out of your bedroom

The more you spend time in your bedroom (without doing anything) the more you tend to overthink. So, step out of your room and try to enjoy your surrounding while sipping your favorite drink or coffee.

Cook or order your favorite meal

Cooking is another effective way to lift up your mood. Research has found that spending time in the kitchen can ease your stress. and you’ll also gain a feeling of satisfaction after cooking your favorite meal.

However, if you’re someone who not really enjoys cooking, you better order your favorite meal cause doing something you dislike might make your day worse.

Clean your surrounding

Having a bad day basically means you’re not really in a good mood, right? So, if you feel like you have enough energy with you right now- try tidying up your space. Don’t force yourself to do this, if you feel like you don’t have much energy to do so. There are other steps you can try to turn your day into a better one.

Write down everything on your mind and identify your feelings

Take a piece of paper and write down all your feelings and thoughts that messing with your head. And don’t try to think too much when writing. Just let your hand do the work. This can also help you in identifying what’s really bothering you.

Write down what you like about yourself/ strengths/ admire

Try not to blame yourself for having a bad day. It is not your fault, trust me. And having a bad day is perfectly normal cause we are all human at the end of the day.

When having a bad day, we tend to think about the negatives the most. Don’t let that happen. Write down or think of your strengths and anything that you admire about yourself.

Talk to your favorite people

Talk to your bestie, parents, or anyone that can make you happy just by hearing their voice or seeing their face. You don’t have to tell them what happened if you don’t want to. You can simply have a chat with them about random things.

Spend time with a pet

Many studies have found that interacting with animals can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety and decrease depression. And according to another study spending time with pets can increase the level of oxytocin hormone in your body. Oxytocin hormone help in creating a sense of calm and comfort.

Take a bath or shower

Sometimes having a hot shower/bath can really lift your mood up as it causes your body to release endorphin chemicals and stimulate serotonin which is associated with feelings of “joy”.

Open your window and take some deep breaths

Open your window and let all the wind gives you a warm hug because you might need one right now. And don’t forget to take some deep breaths while enjoying the outside view.

Watch the clouds go by

While watching the clouds, remind yourself that as clouds go by, you will also overcome all the worries and struggles you’re going through right now.

Listen to your favorite playlist

Open your music app, and play your favorite playlist. Many studies found that listening to music when feeling low can improve our mood. And remember not to listen to sad music haha

Drink enough water

Stay hydrated love. When you drink enough water, it may help you to stay calm and content.

Final note: You are still that awesome human even if you’re having a bad day/week or month. No one can take your awesomeness; that is who you are. Take your time to rest and heal and you’ll find your way to your light again.

P.S. I hope you feel better soon xx

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