What if I told you that in addition to all the skincare products you use and the skincare routine you follow, you could have clear-beautiful skin in your life, just by adding a set of daily affirmations related to your skin?

What is an affirmation?

Affirmation is a type of positive self-talk that can help you to change your subconscious thoughts into what you want to believe. When you repeat a set of words/ affirmations daily, you’ll more likely to believe it and then you’ll more likely to act in ways that make your affirmations become reality.

Most of the time, people use affirmations to change their life especially to achieve success and good health. But many studies have found that you can use affirmations to pretty much manifest everything you want in life.

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IMPORTANT: “Your skin/ beauty affirmations should describe how you want to look like, how you want to be”.

Start this little journey of yours – getting clear and beautiful skin with the below affirmations and use them as inspiration to create your own to achieve your desired goals!


  • My skin is beautiful and it glows
  • I love the skin that I see in the mirror
  • My skin is free of scars and pimples
  • My skin is healthy and has the tone I desire
  • I am beautiful and I will always be beautiful
  • My skin radiates the positivity, the sweetness, and the love I have in my mind and heart
  • Cleaning acne is easy.
  • I love my natural complexion.
  • I am sending love and good-positive energy to my skin.
  • My skin is beginning to look smoother and brighter
  • I can and I will change my appearance
  • I trust the power of affirmations
  • I can already feel my skin transforming into the skin I want
  • I am so grateful for my body and how healthy it is going to look like
  • I awake each day with a renewed glow on my face
  • When I look in the mirror, I notice how radiant my skin looks
  • I enjoy seeing my appearance
  • I have a clear-beautiful skin
  • I deserve to have a clear skin
  • The positivity and desire in my heart reflect on my body/skin.
  • I enjoy taking care of my body/ skin

To get your affirmations to transform your skin faster, repeat them after you wake up in the morning when you’re washing your face when you see yourself in the mirror when you’re doing your skincare routine.

Be gentle with yourself and your skin. Give it all the love and care- and your skin will become clearer and more beautiful.

Last note: Be gentle with you and your skin. Give it all the love and care- and your skin will become clearer and more beautiful.

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As I said before just repeating a set of words can’t change your life. You’ll have to act upon them. Affirmations only able to change your mindset and encourage you to achieve your goals in mind. And then, it’s your turn to work on them.

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