Some days will test you more than others. Some days you will feel awful about yourself for some reason or for no reason at all.  The negative feelings you may feel right now don’t define you.

When we are tired and stressed, we are more likely to get caught up with bad thoughts and feelings. Instead of beating yourself up about it, try using reminders to find some strength and hope to move forward.

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Sometimes you’ll be able to overcome all the bad feelings but other times you will need to step down to preserve your strength and energy. Both options are valid and brave.

Following are some reminders you should see no matter which option you’ll take today to find some mental peace.

Reminders To See When You Feel Bad About Yourself.

  1. You matter even on the days when it feels like you don’t.
  2. Be patient with yourself. You’re slowly figuring things out.
  3. It’s okay If you don’t know what to do.
  4. Your best is enough.
  5. Making mistakes is human. It is okay to make mistakes. That’s how you learn.
  6. You don’t have to pretend to be happy or okay. It is okay to show and feel all the emotions and feelings you’re experiencing. It’s not a sign of a weak person. It’s a sign that you’re a human.
  7. Never let your loneliness drive you back to toxic people.
  8. Don’t let your mind bully your body. You are attractive the way you are.
  9. Having a big heart is a blessing. Find people who appreciate that.
  10. Drink more water. It makes up 70% of you.
  11. You are more than your flaws and mistakes.
  12. You were born to stand out. Stop trying to fit in.
  13. Only by trying, you can achieve.
  14. It’s okay to have days where the only thing you do is survive.
  15. You will feel better. Give yourself some time and extra love.
  16. If you’re having a hard time right now, take care of your feelings. Take care of your mind. Take care of your body. Take care of your needs. Take care of yourself.
  17. You are whoever you choose to be. Not what others say or think about you. Other’s opinions of you do not matter. It’s okay for you to think highly of yourself.
  18. Sometimes life is hard. And you are allowed to feel the sadness, tiredness and whatever you feel right now.
  19. It’s never too late to pick yourself up.
  20. You can and you will get through what you’re dealing with.

I needed these reminders today and I hope they help you too!

P.S. I’m sending lots of love and strength to you! I hope you find this article helpful for you to overcome what you’re going through right now. 😊

What do you think about this article? Which reminder resonates with you the most? Let me know in the comments below! ❤️

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