I am one of those weird people that gets irritated by the simplest things in the morning. It could be the sound of my alarm and most of the time it happens for no particular reason. Being irritated as soon as I woke up really affected how my days went ahead. I really believe that the way we spend our morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day. Because of this, I started to do a little research on some tips that could help me to have a wonderful morning and found a few tricks that work well for me.

Many studies have found, that being an early riser (waking up before 7am) can actually help people to have a nice morning. But I am naturally a later riser, so this process wasn’t easy for me at the very beginning. It took me a couple of days to break the cycle, but thanks to my determination to have a wonderful morning I gradually started to enjoy waking up early and following the tips I found while doing my research.

It’s been a couple of months since I started following these tips. And I’ve learned that having a morning ritual can indeed help set my day off in a positive way and help me to stay grounded.

Below are my favorite tips that I found very much helpful to start off my day on a positive note;

5 Mindful Ways To Create A Wonderful Morning Routine;

Stepping outside as soon as you wake up

It is important to move your body as soon as you wake up. Well, I am not talking about intense workouts. Get up from your bed and step outside. Let the gentle wind gives a big hug to you.

Listening to the birds and the nature

Being with nature can put you in a very peaceful mood. Yes, you are doing nothing but recharging your mind and body to have a great day ahead. So, take this opportunity to spend at least five minutes listening to nature.

Being present with all of your five senses

Whatever you do after you wake up, use your all senses to feel what you’re doing. If you’re making a cup of coffee- see what it smells like. If you’re enjoying the morning breeze- see what it feels like. Like that, be mindful.

Taking a few deep breaths

Taking a few deep breaths has an extremely calming effect. Inhale the cool air and let your brain knows that it’s time to relax. You’ll be able to start your day with a peaceful mind.

Thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for at that moment.

Being grateful has been proven to increase your happiness and positivity. So, every morning, take a few minutes and think of three things that you’re feeling grateful for.

Including these little steps at the beginning of your days and starting off your days by doing something gentle and slow can really help you nurture your well-being for the day ahead so much. Follow one step at a time. And remember, forcing yourself isn’t the right way to start. Give yourself some time to get ready and then give these steps a try.

P.S.  I hope today treats you well 🥰

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