I’m pretty sure you clicked this article with a little bit of hope that you might still have the chance to improve your grades if you work harder. So, let me start this by boosting your self-esteem.

“it’s never too late to start studying now because you absolutely have the potential to improve your grades if you put your mind to it”. This is the magic phrase that helped me and still helping me to get better grades and move forward happily with my studies.

Back in 2017, whenever I lacked the motivation to study, I started to repeat this phrase to myself. But I highly doubted whether this would actually help me to improve my grades because I felt like I was just uttering some random words. And as a student who got very bad grades, I questioned whether I had the potential in me to get better grades. I was really hopeless- and thanks to that “hopelessness” I just started to believe in that phrase and work harder.  And to my surprise, it did work for me.

But here’s the thing; this phrase only helped me with changing my mindset as it gave me some hope and positivity to move forward whenever I started to question myself. To get better grades, I had to put some extra effort into this- by following simple 5 steps to get better grades while keeping that phrase in my mind. Now it’s your turn to try this out!

So here are the 5 simple steps I followed and now you can follow to get better grades to all your subjects; 

Find a comfortable study spot

Whether it be your room at home, at the library, or at your favorite coffee shop, having a peaceful place to get into the right mindset to study can make a huge difference in your grades.

Many pieces of research have proven that studying within a peaceful and comfortable environment is essential in improving your grades as it helps you to stay focused while studying. Finding a place without any distractions is the key to studying effectively.

Teach others after you study

Teaching someone else is better than teaching yourself when studying. The reason is when you’re teaching what you studied to someone, you have to explain it from the beginning and thoroughly- this really helps you shift the information from your short-term memory to long-term memory. 

Moreover, if you teach someone else what you studied, you might get the chance to answer questions you’ve never thought about before. 

Teaching someone helps you to review and remember what you have studied. So, take this chance to help yourself while helping your friends. It’s a win-win situation! 


In my experience, flashcards, self-made or online quizlets, and past papers/ self-made questionnaires really helped me memorize what I am studying.

–       Use flashcards; to memorize important concepts, equations, vocabulary, and theories

–       Use self-made/ online quizlets; to memorize what you studied so far and evaluate your current knowledge

–       Use past papers or model papers; to understand the structure of your exam paper and make yourself familiar with the way they give you questions

–       Use self-made questionnaires; to memorize what you study and evaluate your knowledge

Time your study sessions and breaks

As a student, I know how hard it is to concentrate when studying without getting bored. The good news is you and I are not alone. Many studies have proven that this is very common among students. 

But to get better grades we have to do something about it, right? So, I found a solution for this. I’d recommend you to make a one-study session for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break before starting another study session. 

Over time, you might feel like you can concentrate for more than 25 minutes, and when that happens- keep adding 5 minutes to your study sessions. But remember, taking breaks is necessary to keep you energetic when studying.

Get enough sleep

I feel like this tip is a given. The human body needs good sleep to function properly, both mentally and physically. As a student, you might feel like you have to stay up late to cram in; yeah it sounds like something a straight-A student would do, but trust me, it is a very ineffective way to study or memorize things.

When you sleep, your brain transfers all you studied into short-term or long-term memory-which is super helpful to get better grades. Moreover, when you get good sleep, your mind and body get relaxed so when you wake up in next morning you’ll be energetic to continue your studies!

I hope my experience and the tips I shared above motivated you to get started studying for your exams. With the right mindset and practices you’ll be able to see a huge improvement in your grades. 

Good luck loves! I hope today treats you well xx 

Feel free to leave any comments below about any studying tips and questions you have!

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