I know most of the time you get so busy take caring of others like your family, partner, cousins or maybe your pet and you totally forget you’re someone important too. Just like others you deserve so much love and care. And yes! that’s why you should practice self-care.

First of all, let me tell you what self-care is all about! It means taking time just for yourself to breathe, rest and do whatever makes YOU happy and relaxed.

Self care is the best care

When we think about self-care the very first thing that comes in to our mind is a ‘spa-like’ experience, right? Unfortunately, people tend to think self-care costs a lot of money because that’s what social media influencers show us. Don’t get me wrong you can do things when you can spend money of course, but trust me there are many ways to include self-care in to our daily routine other than just spending money. Now let’s shift our focus from money to simple activities that brings us joy and relaxation, both physically and mentally. If we add these kinds of activities into our daily routine, we can feel and perform at our best.

So, here are 5 simple ways to include self-care in to your daily routine!

Identify what type of self-care you need right now

Self-care is all about communicating with your soul and asking, ‘’Hey, what do you need right now?”. Because there are different types of self-care. And it is important to keep in mind that self-care is different for everyone and changes with moods and situations. Here are the 4 main types of self-care you should know about.

  • Emotional self-care – being kind to yourself, doing something that makes you happy, stress management, forgiving yourself
  • Physical self-care – getting a good sleep, eating healthy food, doing yoga, resting, having a little walk when you’re free 
  • Social self-care – setting healthy boundaries, positive and healthy communication with yourself and others, asking for help from others, exposure to positive social media 
  • Spiritual self-care – spending time by yourself, meditating, journaling, doing yoga, engaging with nature

If you understand what type of self-care you need at the moment, you can take care of yourself at the right way.

Establish a routine

Once you understand what type of self-care you need, add it your routine. If you practice self-care activities in a daily basis, it can improve your productivity and reduce your physical and mental exhaustion. This might sounds hard, but trust me this is very easy and I truly believe YOU CAN do this. Following are some simple self-care activities you can add into your daily routine. 

self care

If you engage in above activities regularly, it eventually becomes a habit, and it becomes something that is simply a normal part of your life.

Get organized by keeping a To-Do list

I know you’ve probably heard this many times, but trust me I can guarantee on this one. Creating a To-Do list is one of the most helpful and easiest self-care practices.

Many of us struggle to get things done. But some of us struggle even before we start our tasks; just figuring out what exactly we need to do, what’s the easiest or the best way to get the task done. The To-Do list is the answer. 

To-Do lists helps you to be organized through-out your day. After you get out of the bed in the morning, write down every task that you like to or maybe need to accomplish by the end of the day. But remember, you have to SET REALISTIC GOALS. If the task is hard, divide it into small chunks, so you can easily get it done.

Therefore, at the end of a long day when you ask yourself ‘what did you do today?, it provides immense satisfaction when you see items on your To-Do list being accomplished.

Get regular, good quality sleep

It is really important to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day. If you being consistent with your sleep, it eventually put you in a good mental and physical health. So, you can perform at your best during the day.

Learn to say NO

We, human beings really like to please others. So, we say “yes” to everything without thinking twice whether we can actually do it or not. Many of us struggle to say “NO’’, fearing rejection or just because of the uncertainty of what other person’s response will be. If you don’t want to live under pressure or add more work to your busy routine, learn to say NO.

I hope these simple ideas makes you realize how important practicing self-care is to make your daily routine better. Don’t forget to practice them regularly and make them a part of your normal life.

What is your favorite from this list? Anything you would love to add?? I’d love to connect with you in the comment section below 😊

Disclaimer: As the admin of the HappyHumaans community, I’m making my best effort in putting forth supportive material based on my knowledge, experience and passions as a psychology student in hopes that you can find simple ways to make your life better and brighter. We DO NOT REPLACE PROFESSIONAL THERAPY or other professional services. 


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