“situationships” have become a trend in recent years because people these days prefer to casually hang out with someone to have fun rather than having a legit-committed relationship. It’s all fun and games until you start to realize your casual- hang-out buddy has grown on you. Most of the people who are in situationships come across this slightly awkward but very human situation.

I called this “very human” because – just imagine you have never eaten an apple before and there’s a red apple in front of you. You like the way it looks but doesn’t know whether you’ll like it or not because you haven’t tasted it yet. And then you get a chance to eat the red apple and the taste is just your type. You like how it tastes and you want more now. This is normal human behavior. When we started to like something, we crave more of it. Well, in this case, if you have started to have feelings for your hangout partner, you may want to make things official with them because you’d like to go on more dates with that person, get to know more about them, or do many other things legit couples do.

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It is impossible to say that you’ll definitely turn your situationship into a real relationship because you also have to consider your partner’s feelings. But we never know if we don’t give it a try, right?

So, if you’re now in a situationship and want to make things real with them, the following are some ways to make it work;

Here Are 5 Ways To Turn A Situationship To A Relationship;

Be honest, communicate with them

Do you want to know what really helps you in this situation? It’s being honest. Come clean immediately. Tell them how you really feel and what you really need. The pain will get worse if you keep silent. So, you use your word and say “We’ve been seeing each other for a while and I really enjoy it. I like you a lot. Would you like to make it official?” – or if you feel like this is too straightforward, you can simply ask them to go on a movie/ dinner/ concert or any type of romantic date with you.

It might work out or it might not because it all depends on whether you both are on the same page. Being honest and having a meaningful conversation is the most helpful and simplest way to overcome this anxious situation.

Be physically closer to them

Being close to that person may help you in strengthening the connection or relationship you have with them. But here I am not just talking about being sexually intimate with them. I am talking about the other little things like going to your favorite café with them, going to the museum, beach, or any other favorite places you or your partner like. When you are physically closer to them, you’ll get a chance to have meaningful conversations with them. This is one of the best ways to get into your partner’s world.

Keep checking in on them

If you want to redirect the relationship you have with that person, you’ll have to let them know that you can be a good partner for them. Try to make time to check in on them from time to time. You can ask questions like “how’s your day going?”, “How are you feeling today?” or any other questions you are curious about to show them that you care.

Stop going on casual dates which ends up in a bed

In many cases, the main purpose of situationships is to be sexually intimate. So, if you want more than that from your partner, ditch all the meetings that you both would end up in their or your bed.

 aka stop sleeping with them!

Tell them that you are no longer interested in being their sexual partner and you want more. Let them know that you respect how they feel, but you will have to end things with them because that person is much more than a friend in your eyes.

Respect your partner and their feelings. Don’t force anything.

Situationships commonly lead to attachment. Even though it is absolutely normal for you to catch feelings for your partner over time, your partner might not want what you want. So, be ready to let go of that relationship if the other side is unwilling to move further. Be patient, give them some time. Don’t try to push your feelings alone, make sure to consider how your partner feels about you and this whole situation.

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P.S. you got this! Good luck 😉

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