This post is dedicated to all the overthinkers out there!

There must be countless moments where – “am I the only one ….?” questions have popped into your head. Your brain absolutely has the power to trick yourself into thinking that ‘it’s uncommon to feel or do certain things that we do regularly. But remember, it is so important to be aware that other people might do the same things we’re doing and they are just part of natural human behaviors and it’s actually just our brain telling us lies.

Most of the topics you overthink are more common for people to overthink than you realize. The reason is that stress and anxiety are the main roots of overthinking. And according to the therapist, Danielle Syslo, it is very normal for people to experience a little bit of stress and anxiety in the times we’re in.

Here Are 9 Things You Might Regularly Over-Think, But Very Common Among All Humans!

  • You feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t have your life all figured out.

There’s no age limit on achieving your goals and figuring out the purpose of living. You haven’t figured out your goals or dreams yet? cool, that’s ok. The world you live in is full of possibilities. Give yourself some slack, your whole life doesn’t have to be planned out. Take it day by day.

  • You feel like you’re weak when you’re having a mental breakdown.

This is your first time experiencing life. Experiencing mental breakdowns doesn’t mean you’re weak, they mean you’re strong because look at you still moving forward despite all the tough times you’ve faced before.

  • You care a little too much about what ‘that’ body part of yours looks like.

The insecurities you have about your body may stem from your culture, social media, or perhaps your childhood upbringing. So, it is not your fault for being insecure about your body. It’s normal to have insecurities because no one is perfect. But feeling insecure about your body all the time can take a toll on your mental health. So be kind to your body. Try to embrace your body as it is.

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  • You feel guilty for not responding to someone’s texts soon even though you know that you didn’t have much energy to do so.

Everyone is busy with their own work and YOU’RE NOT OBLIGATES TO REPLY RIGHT AWAY. Not just you, but almost everyone likes to have enough space to communicate freely according to their convenience.

  • You are that “therapist friend” to everyone around you, but struggle to take your own advice or be gentle with yourself during bad days.

Even therapists seek help from other therapists to talk to when they’re struggling. So, it is really normal if you don’t take your own advice!

  • You feel like “crying” is a sign of a weak human.

crying releases your feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, endorphins, and so on. These chemicals can ease your both mental & physical pain. So, do you get what I am trying to say? Just let it all out. Be easy on yourself. I am sending you a warm virtual hug, just in case you needed one today!

  • You spend too much time overthinking about what your future may hold.

Feeling anxious or stressed about uncertain situations is a very common human reaction. It’s normal to feel worried about what the future may hold. Sometimes, these feelings may help us to anticipate what our future may look like and motivate us to move forward.

  • You find it impossible to not judge other people.

Being judgmental is a natural reaction of humans. I’ve read somewhere that humans make judgments as a survival skill. And we judge anything that doesn’t fit our views or desires.

  • You think you’re the only one that overthinks all of these things- I promise you’re not alone! I am the second and I am pretty sure there are hundreds of us!

Not only you, but many humans over-think so many things regularly and this article is a little reminder that you’re not alone and these things are very human.🥰

What do you think about this article? Which of the above you can relate to the most?  Let me know in the comments below! ❤️

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