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Hi there!

I'm Suraksha, a 21 year old university student! It's so nice to meet you, and welcome.

I would describe myself as an introvert, a movie/ tv series specially a kdrama lover, and a big advocator of mental health and self-care.

Psychology, specifically mental health, is a huge interest of mine and has been for many years. Since February 2021 I've started to post reminders on social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and I recently joined TikTok) about self-care and self-love while promoting mental health awareness. Through that, I got the chance to listen to many strangers and be a part of their healing journey as an active listener.

Just in case, if you're wondering "why does this 21-year-old have the audacity to teach me about self-care, mindset, and mental health?" -Well, it's because I used to be a full-time overthinker and a part-time procrastinator, and have struggled with depression and unhealthy habits. These are not the things I'd wish for other people to experience and tadaa that's why i started this blog.

Through this blog I am planning to help you get out of your negative, confused and anxious mind by sharing my own experiences and the knowledge I gathered while reading my degree in Psychology and Counselling.

My email and direct messages (on instagram, Pinterst, Twitter) are always open for anyone who needs a chat, a (virtual) shoulder to cry on or to rant literally about anything. I am all ears for you. Let's heal and grow together with love 🙂 

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