We are what we think of. Our thoughts can be incredibly powerful and convincing. It’s extremely useful to repeat affirmations to yourself when you’re worried or anxious. Anxiety can strike in out of nowhere and completely knock us off our feet.

Knowing how best to support yourself as the wave of anxious thoughts flow through your body can be so powerful and helpful.

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Next time you feel overwhelmed by your anxious thoughts and negative feelings, try stopping all your work for a moment and take a deep breath. Feel your feet on ground, relax your shoulders and your body, unclench your jaw. Then repeat one of these affirmations to yourself.

12 Powerful Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. I am a loving and caring human being.
  2. I have the ability to overcome my anxiety.
  3. I know I can do this. I believe in myself. I am strong and capable of overcoming anxiety.
  4. My anxiety doesn’t define me.
  5. My anxious thoughts are not real. I can control my anxiety. I am in control.
  6. I am in charge of how I feel right now. I am choosing peace and happiness.
  7. I believe in my ability to get through tough times.
  8. I am capable of changing my negative thoughts with positive ones.
  9. I can solve the problems I face. And it is not a weakness to ask help from others if needed.
  10. I am beautiful. I am attractive. I am unique.
  11. I will let go of what I can’t control. I will only focus on what i can control.
  12. I am safe and this feeling is temporary.
  13. It’s not strange to feel these feelings. Other people feel this too.

You may be surprised at how effective these affirmations can be when you’re struggling with your anxiety. Talking back to your “worrying/ anxious brain” and slowing down the adrenaline takes a little practice. So, try to use these affirmations every time you feel anxious. Then these positive thoughts will come to your mind much more easily whenever anxiety strikes.  Don’t let your anxiety control you. Be in charge of your thoughts. You are absolutely capable of doing that!

P.S. I hope these affirmations will help you if you’ve been struggling a bit too lately! Remember, you are not alone in your experience with anxiety!

How’s your mind today? Are you in control of your thoughts? Which of these affirmations do you think might be most useful for you? Tell me in the comments below!

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