Oftentimes, we wonder who we really are. And this feeling or question can make us feel utterly confused and frustrated, as, for some reason, people usually find it hard to answer that question.

When we go through tough times like losing a loved one, or a relationship breakdown, it pushes us to reflect on who we really are, what we really want from life, and what we want to strive for. It’s like exploring your inner self.

If you’re feeling lost and you’re not enough, now is the time to sit and ask yourself the following questions to understand your inner self, so that you can meet your true self who you might have lost along the way.

P.S. if you find it difficult to list things out, just try to think of 3 things. This doesn’t have to be a long list of things. And it is okay to not have answers for some of the following questions. Remember, you’re still figuring yourself out. You are always enough.

20 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out Your True/ Inner Self:

  1. What are the things I truly love about myself?
  2. What were some of my most life-changing experiences (good or bad) and what did these teach me about myself and life?
  3. What are the things that I truly enjoy doing?
  4. Do I have self-limiting beliefs which might be holding me back from achieving my goals? If yes, what are they?
  5. What are my values in life?
  6. What parts of me do I find difficult to love? What steps should I take for me to fall in love with them?
  7. What are my good qualities?
  8. What are my bad qualities?
  9. What are the things that irritate me the most?
  10. What was the time that I was truly myself and what can I most appreciate about that time?
  11. I’d be more authentic if I was a little bit more …………
  12. I’d be happier if I was a little bit more …………
  13. What’s the biggest regret I have to this day? Why do I still think about it? What can I do to forgive myself?
  14. What’s the best trait about myself? Why is it the best one?
  15. What’s the worst trait about myself? Why is it so bad?
  16. What traits I would like to have within me?
  17. Why do I let other people make me feel the things I do not want to feel?
  18. What traits do others have that I wish I had more of?
  19. Am I happy? What steps will be required of me to be happy?
  20. When do I feel the best about myself?

Understanding your inner self is the best way to work through the things that are holding you back from achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

Make sure to do something today that moves you through the direction that you want to go. You’ve got this love!

P.S. I’m sending lots of love and strength to you! I hope you find this article helpful to channel your inner self 😊

What do you think about this article? Do you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments below! ❤️

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